Old Southwest Createathon Video

I had the honor of working with some incredibly talented people in the multimedia industry. I originally signed up for the createathon for my design class and ended up with more than I had bargained for. It made me realize that I truly enjoy working extremely hard with people who know what they’re doing. I created the logo animation and […]

Chasing Infinity

I loved working with Christie Lenee! After I produced my first music video with her, I had one more¬†opportunity to produce a music video. I filmed all of the footage and edited it together. For some of the cut sequences I used a pinhole lens cap to create a distorted/dreamy feeling. I created what I considered to be a visual […]


This is a visual project based on the word Vision. I have a friend and classmate who has produced some very interesting street art and it caught my eye. He had designed a early sketch of his interpretation of the word¬†vision. That got me inspired for the project and I began working on my shot list for this project. I […]

Pan Seared Swordfish

Short promotional videos seem like a niche market at the moment. All forms of social media and marketing seem to be shifting towards video. Videos have always been my passion/fascination. I created a series of videos to promote weekend specials for the restaurant I work at. I think these were helpful in getting consumers interested in the food products the […]