Annie Moore’s Infusions

A restaurant I am affiliated with started doing liquor infusions. By law the rebottled liquor needed to be meticulously labeled. I offered my services in designing a label for the bottles. I wanted customization to be focal point in this design. The important information is clearly outlined along with some refining for a unique look. We took it a step […]

Roanoke Nights Ad

After my professor saw all of my personal work in class, I was assigned a Roanoke Night life promotional design. It could either be a postcard design or a horizontal poster design. I had to research what would bring people downtown to enjoy what the evening has to offer. More importantly I had to figure out what downtown at night […]

XposureWare Carabiners

I had a project focused around logo design that coincided with the project promoting a product. I created product packaging for these carabiners so they would tie in with the outdoor equipment label. XposureWare is a company that protects you from exposure. A useful and practical carabiner can safe your life if properly used. I however have no mountaineering experience […]

Space Travel is Really Hard (and Messy)

Finally, the poster design that has captivated my attention hundreds of times before, the infographic on a topic of my choice. Of course the list was limited, but I saw NASA and had to jump at the challenge. I had already done research and reading on space over the years of my self-education. I decided to focus around 10 major […]

Nailed It Movie Poster

I was told by my teacher to imagine a movie along the same lines as the movie “Stranger than fiction.” If for some reason you’ve never heard of it, It’s about a quirky guy in a boring job that has his life flipped upside down. I imagined this guy trying to help out a neighbor and instead slipping on a […]

Typography Book Design

Typography in my mind had all this stigma. It seemed so foreign to me. Then I had my final project given to me. I had no idea how involved I would become. I had to extract the content from two of our class books and condensed the info. I wanted to make sure the book had a high degree of […]

Hang : Descriptive Word

I was assigned a single word and was told to illustrate the meaning of the word using only type elements and supporting words. The word for me was Hang. I then had to do extensive research into the meaning of the word and maybe even related topics. I gathered some useful copy and assembled a list of related words. I […]

Typographic Infographic

After completing the Typography book, I had no trouble condensing the info into one easy to read page. That’s not true at all. Condensing a book into one page is difficult to do for anyone. I tried to stick to the fundamentals and the elements that make up all of what designers have to pay attention to. I thought of […]

MyFinancial Corporate Identity

The assignment was to come up with a corporate identity for a fictional Algorithm based financial management company. I decided to focus on the idea of personalized finance. I researched a lot about wealth management companies like Goldman-Sachs, Wealthfront, and Betterment. I thought that traditional typefaces would better fit the clientele. Keeping with the theme I focused on clean and […]

iBroker Logo

The assignment was to create a corporate identity for a digital algorithm based wealth management company. I had the repeated thought of a digital brokerage in my mind. The trend of putting an ‘i’ in front of anything digital made a lot of sense in this aspect. Focusing on classical and traditional typefaces I stuck with those letters and word […]