As always, as with everyone, I am discovering who I am. I’m doing things, and I’m forgetting things. I’m putting things off, and I’m getting excited about others. I seem to have an issue with staying on top of things, this website, for instance. I’m taking a more active approach to nearly every aspect of my life, as we all should really. I’ve started writing, as I should have been for a long time. I’ve been re-examining what I thought I knew. I’ve been challenging myself with things I’ve never attempted. I’ve been finishing things.

I think I’m realizing what I really should be doing. I should be showing people what they don’t know. I should be pushing the limits of what people think, what people expect, and what people believe. I tend to do that to myself every day. I should be using this blog, if anything, for myself. The more I write, the more I read, the more I seem to understand. I’m sorry if this seems abstract or confusing, but hey, isn’t life somewhat abstract and confusing? I need challenges to overcome, I need to be dedicated, and I need to meet my goals. I need you to help me along the way, whoever you may be, because everyone I meet knows something I don’t.