I sat down in class one day and was told to write down my 3 favorite things to do. I circled my least favorite of those things and then was told to fold it into a paper airplane. We tossed them in the middle of the room and then chose a random plane. The circled topic became the topic of our newsletters. I saw food written down in the circled letter and immediately began researching.


I learned about the fundamentals of food and thought about the origins of the food. I tried to pick all of the topics I wanted to cover. Our teacher guided us along with regular deadlines. I continued with heavy research into newsletter layout design and layout for various types of information. I decided right away to use all custom photography. I took every picture front to back and made sure that they were all connected to the topic. I even took on the task of writing some of the articles myself. I also dedicated myself on using a color scheme to guide the reader throughout the newsletter without the use of numbers.