Finally, the poster design that has captivated my attention hundreds of times before, the infographic on a topic of my choice. Of course the list was limited, but I saw NASA and had to jump at the challenge. I had already done research and reading on space over the years of my self-education. I decided to focus around 10 major NASA missions and the challenges of even getting those missions off the ground. I needed a way to visualize orbit and so I created these 3D renders of Gravity Wells and low earth orbit work. The extraordinary complexity of the subject meant that the information is impossible to understand through conventional means. I used color to separate the missions from each other. I tried to include important information about the mission and some numbers that would be more relatable and equate to things they can already picture.


Part of what made this a challenge was trying to figure out how to visualize orbit at a scale that is as accurate as possible. The rest of it was expressing the difficulty of it using statistics and strong visuals. The last and perhaps scariest challenge I added was the Van Allen belts. It basically cuts through all of the orbits NASA uses. I also used the scale altitude for many of the satellites.


I was also fortunate enough to be awarded a Gold Student Addy Award for this poster design at the Western Virginia Addy Awards hosted by AAF Roanoke.