Oh Serif… This one was a wild one. Now I have to say that I can’t take any creative credit for this one. I didn’t come up with the design, I didn’t come up with any typography, but some of the verbage I had some input on. Basically, I was responsible for the organization of the project and boy did it take some organization. This is one of those projects that, to be honest, had more back and forth than was entirely necessary. The details of every component needed to be completely and meticulously accurate. What it came down to, was me using several spreadsheets and layout files to create 326 different product tags(with different bar codes for each) for a grand total of 13,000 tags. If the organization of that alone wasn’t daunting enough, I had to coordinate the printing, cutting, folding, punching, and packaging. And when all was nearly wrapped up one of my colleagues punched the holes on the wrong side… Some projects are just difficult the entire way through. I’m still proud of my efforts and believe that my sweat, blood(literally), and tears on this project earn it a spot in my portfolio.