Welcome to September! This month seems to spark a change all over the world. Hurricane season starts in full force. The nights get significantly colder while the days scorch, at least in this part of the world. I’m trying to embrace that change myself by getting a lot more focused and taking a lot more control over the world around me.

I’m trying to embrace a base zero workflow. I work on everything until I have nothing more to work on. Free time comes when the tasks are finished. It keeps me cooped up more during the day but when I’m done the freedom comes. I’m thinking ahead and trying to have a more profound foothold on my business and my productivity. I’m absorbing new knowledge as fast as it can enter my eyeballs. I never say no to a job I’m not quite ready for. I know exactly what I’m capable of and I don’t let myself get discouraged by a poorly completed job. After all, I’ve completed the job right?

My new motto to live by is “Finish first.” When reading it, you might think it’s about winning the race. But in reality the race doesn’t matter, only finishing matters. Imagine the final product and get there as quickly as possible. Don’t hurt yourself or overwhelm yourself, just get it finished and then if you missed something you can go back and fix it. It’s easier to fix little mistakes you’ve already made rather than finish with an overwhelming focus on detail. I’ll outline the process of finishing first as I finish more things, first. Thanks for taking the time to read.