I was told by my teacher to imagine a movie along the same lines as the movie “Stranger than fiction.” If for some reason you’ve never heard of it, It’s about a quirky guy in a boring job that has his life flipped upside down. I imagined this guy trying to help out a neighbor and instead slipping on a banana peel to end up with a nail in his head. The story is about how he turns his life around with a nail in his head while making some interesting mistakes along the way.


I had to figure out how to tell the story with a single photo. I needed to connect the viewer with the nail gun and the injury. I also had a friend with the perfect amount of charisma for the job. In order to pull the reader in, I had to help them understand the quirkiness. I think the call-to-action does that effectively with the movie slipping into theaters. The nail in the name was just necessary to illustrate the catalyst for the story.


2-11-2016_nailed it