Not all projects are favorable. Our teacher tried very hard to make sure we could design stuff we had no interest in. I was given the wonderful topic of knitting. I did my research and learned as much about knitting as I could, just shy of actually learning how to knit. The title came out of the stigma that knitting is given. Many people see knitting as this old people activity. That couldn’t be further from the truth. There are stories and passages all over the place about men knitting and younger people learning the psychological benefits of such an activity.


So I decided to focus my attention on the ability to work smarter. The tagline “Smarter Knitting for Everyone” sums up who this magazine is for. I focused the magazine around how knitting can improve focus and clarity. I also made it a point to break away from the cookie cutter molds of magazines where they only present things at face value. This magazine tells you why along with how in one tight package. The magazine spread that I did also reflects this.