A friend of mine approached me the other day to create a video for him. The only catch was that it was to be completed in 48 hours. GO!

We met Wednesday afternoon and started talking about what we had to do. Turns out we had to do far more than either of us expected. He informed me of the required content and the next few steps to our now jam packed schedule. Our plan seemed simple enough,– record good video of him playing music in visually appealing locations. We started off well, but then it got dark quickly. I suppose we started late but you can blame only safety. We decided to include some downtown locations which was totally not our intended environment but it worked out for us in a way.  After filming and planning for a few hours, we went to Benny’s for some pizza before we finished filming. We walked out the door and kind of realized that we should have filmed in there. We went back and asked if it would be alright to film one more clip. Ben nailed it and we were on our way.

Then came editing, I soon realized once editing began, that this was not going to be easy. I was, however, deeply surprised at how much my computer kept up with us in our awesomely dire situation.  I had barely experienced a hiccup in my computers processing which is  a miracle in itself.  It held up well, but slowly rendered out segments of high definition video.  Over 20 video clips and 10 audio recordings were aligned and organized and then compiled and cut within 12 hours to create a 10 minute video to promote a very talented guy I happen to know. Ben Trout and I worked incredibly hard to create a video and learned a ton on the way. We have several projects to work on and this video is only the start.

Ben Trout Promo.

Honestly, I’ve been trying to teach my how to be productive within a short period of time. Most of the time, people are notoriously unproductive. We may seem to be busy but the time we occupy actually doing things is barely a fraction of the day. I’ve met people who do more in a day than most people do in several weeks. I’ve never felt so productive and lazy at the same time. Maybe this challenge hit me at the right time. I’m so excited to be productive and be the awesome, super productive person I know I should be. Expect good things from me. I won’t quit until I deliver.