My blogs on this website will also be my place to funnel inspiration back into my life. I work hard and I keep myself busy. Sometimes I don’t keep myself as occupied as I need to be. I occupy my time with somewhat trivial activities like looking at rocket launches or researching random topics that aren’t pushing me forward. My biggest struggle right now is making sure my free time is spent making forward progress. I have trouble seeing my daily conflicts as chances to train my focus. I have stacks of books that I’ve promised myself I would finish and I’m making my way through them too slowly.

Instead of telling myself all the things I want to do and haven’t done, I need to focus on the steps I need to take to get them done. I’m a problem solver. More than I’m a creative, I’m a person who finds solutions to problems. My problems need clearly addressed solutions and right now I suppose I need a more rigorous schedule. I would appreciate a job that helped that thrive but I’ll have to create that atmosphere myself until the position comes around. Schedules, calendars, and a hourly notification are good as a start. I need to monitor my behavior continually throughout the day. I work with so many individuals who seem to lose touch with time and my eventual career is all about tightly coiling that time into a self propelling slinky that gets me to the next step.

To the subject of this blog. Exhaustion should not and will not be an excuse for not finishing the job. I am a problem solver and I don’t quit until the job is done. I follow through. I am doing that down to the last second. I do a good job, and I do a full and complete job. My presentation is continually evolving, I just have to make sure I leave jaws dropped in my wake. I might not always leave jaws dropped but at least I can leave a lasting impression on my clients and co-workers with a well executed product. If no product is being presented then I will lead by example and reshape my behavior to benefit others. Exhaustion is just what I feel, not what I am. And besides, if I’m exhausted, sleep feels that much better.

– Adam