Here’s to another pint of air filling my lungs. The revitalizing¬†oxygen reaches my brain and suddenly things are a bit clearer. I have a lot on my plate, but I keep nibbling at the edges. It seems I really don’t know how to get things done. I rarely finish my lunch, let alone simple tasks. I speak at lengths about what I intend to do. I take a deep breath and clearly see what needs to be done. Now its up to me to sit down and follow through. I owe no explanation to anyone. I owe no explanation to myself. I am capable of more. I just need to do them. This post is a means to motivate myself. It seems like all my posts here are excuses and complaints about my inability to follow through. Well, in the same way that I’m following through with this post, I am following through with my todo list. See you at the end of it.

I have several videos to finish, hundreds of photos to edit, several page layouts to create, a ton of research to do, and dinner to make! I’ll see you at the bottom of my todo list!