I was assigned a specific date in history that was of significant importance. My date was august 6th 2012, the day that the Curiosity Rover landed on Mars. It had a long journey before air braking, sky craning, and soft-landing on a planet millions of miles away. Just based around the technological feat it is of huge importance. My job was important to me.


I had to illustrate the darkness of space on a white page. I decided that I would fill the background with something to make it dark. I used Carl Sagan’s Cosmos transcript and condensed it so it resembled stars peeking through the letter shapes. I tried to focus on the atmosphere and how that was the major challenge of this mission. I used the text for Ray Bradbury’s poem for the landing site since the site where curiosity landed is named after him. I used the first reference of Gaia as the text for the earth. I think I used negative space and positive space in my favor here.