Often times, I start things, less often, I finish them. I finished a pretty good book. A book that I’m glad I finished, because I rarely close out an assignment. A reoccuring issue with procrastination, is how rarely something gets done in the manner it should have been. Things should be finished with the full effort exerted. Things shouldn’t be rushed, or stressed over. I should go ahead and be happy with the time available and get it done as soon as possible. It seems when no deadline is given, theres almost no reason to get started. Then after a while it becomes a thing lingering in the back of my mind. Something I don’t often think about, something I know I should be doing, but I never think “I need to finish this.” Setting personal deadlines is the way to step on this process. I need to do that with almost everything I do. So, for each idea I come up with, I should set a deadline of some sort. Whether it be a specific date and time, a specific time when I have the available money, or when a specific event occurs, Something! So for my personal note-taking, that’s something I’m probably going to do.

I sat down with an old project today. Something I had intended on finishing six months ago. I made it halfway to the final step in the process. The final step is the cover. Three pieces of mat board cut at specific sizes with canvas textured paper, spray glued to the mat board to protect the 28 signatures of 16 pages, carefully folded and sewn together. And once I close this book, I’ll be on to the next project. At a much faster pace, because I’m always reworking my process to be more efficient.

This is more of a note to myself than anything. I just want to make sure I always update content on my website. I don’t know if anyone cares, but I want to make myself available to discuss the things on my mind.