Operation Kilroy Passport

Occasionally a big client would request a job; this may have been one of the biggest. The D-Day Memorial and The WW2 Heritage Alliance requested a quote for printing a bunch of brochures but the layout was… rough to say the least.. I took the design to heart with some appropriate research and ended up putting more effort forth than […]

Political Campaigns

Political Campaigns; the most American way to test a designer. At minimum; a half-dozen prospective candidates have run their printing projects through me. I’ve designed numerous “walk-cards” or rack cards with political bullet-points and a graphic layout that communicates a person as the central subject. It’s been a challenge to do these because, more often than not, I’m completely unfamiliar […]

Serif Home

Oh Serif… This one was a wild one. Now I have to say that I can’t take any creative credit for this one. I didn’t come up with the design, I didn’t come up with any typography, but some of the verbage I had some input on. Basically, I was responsible for the organization of the project and boy did […]

Kinderdance International

One of those very different clients I worked with was Kinderdance International. In a nutshell, Kinderdance is a developmental dance program for children aged two and older. They approached us in search of someone who could manage their existing art files and make changes necessary to create printed pieces that they would, in turn, sell to their franchisees. Their art […]

Nu-tec Outdoors

There are all manners of companies that operate; many markets that I didn’t even know existed. I was approached by one of Minuteman Press’ clients that Owned and operated a Deer Mineral company named “Nu-Tec.” The client was creating some seed blends and mineral buckets that he wanted to introduce along with his existing products. We took the theme/style that […]

Cave Spring High School Football

So, this is where things get weird for me. I graduated from Hidden Valley High School in 2006. Our fiercest rival was Cave Spring, because we stole half their students when we opened the door. So ironically when I was responsible for the entire Cave Spring football program, I had to take care not to let bias get the best […]

Annie Moore’s Infusions

A restaurant I am affiliated with started doing liquor infusions. By law the rebottled liquor needed to be meticulously labeled. I offered my services in designing a label for the bottles. I wanted customization to be focal point in this design. The important information is clearly outlined along with some refining for a unique look. We took it a step […]

Roanoke Nights Ad

After my professor saw all of my personal work in class, I was assigned a Roanoke Night life promotional design. It could either be a postcard design or a horizontal poster design. I had to research what would bring people downtown to enjoy what the evening has to offer. More importantly I had to figure out what downtown at night […]

XposureWare Carabiners

I had a project focused around logo design that coincided with the project promoting a product. I created product packaging for these carabiners so they would tie in with the outdoor equipment label. XposureWare is a company that protects you from exposure. A useful and practical carabiner can safe your life if properly used. I however have no mountaineering experience […]

Space Travel is Really Hard (and Messy)

Finally, the poster design that has captivated my attention hundreds of times before, the infographic on a topic of my choice. Of course the list was limited, but I saw NASA and had to jump at the challenge. I had already done research and reading on space over the years of my self-education. I decided to focus around 10 major […]