Well, it’s nearly 2pm on a Thursday and I’m taking a look at my site again. Swapped back to my previous template. I’m going to do away with the whole wordpress thing altogether once I get my new site set up. I’m building it in webflow and I suppose I’ll make it more of a showcase of skills. I can practically build anything in webflow at this point and I can’t believe the skills I’ve developed..

Life is inching forward and the narrative that I sometimes return to is one of hope and aspiration. I still hold those aspirations and find myself posited to either run or walk, I think I might prefer to run. There are things I must continually improve upon, such as time tracking, project management, and now leadership and organization. I think I’m doing a great job with everything, I just need to keep up the momentum. I need to create consistency.

A new consistency is required for me to progress to the next level. I need to take care of myself now and I will do so. If anyone reads this, I appreciate the fact that you’ve gotten this far!