Here I am. Here WE are. We’re on the offensive against an invisible enemy. COVID-19 or “the Rona” or the coronavirus or “the wuhan” or whatever the hell you might want to call it has crippled the economy, devastated lives across the globe. Locally, It’s also caused a lot of problems, but somehow that’s hardly the most important news. Riots, protests, and defiant voices against police brutality and institutional racism have brought the already shaky country onto it’s knees.

A buddy of mine posted a meme depicting some white people with shirts that displayed “so sorry” while they were locked in stockades and chained up. Honestly, a little over the top, but the caption was the kicker. “You ain’t gotta do all that, we just want to be treated as equals.”

The world is changing, those who aren’t brave enough to stand up for what they believe in are being pushed into the shadows. Some voices are loud and most certainly wrong. More confusion exists than clarity. That’s where my new mindset has come in… I’m not afraid to tell someone that what they’re talking about is plain wrong, and I’m not afraid of offending anyone. I’ve been offended by this whole situation. The fact that we even need to say that “black lives matter” is just insulting to black people. Of COURSE their lives matter! They’re human just like the rest of us. I’m frankly pissed off that it needs to be said. We’re more the same than we are different, but regardless NO ONE deserves to be treated as less than an equal.

This new mindset presents itself on the heels of the most dramatic change in my life. I’m 7 months into my new job at 5Points Creative and I cannot believe my fortune. I did the grind and and did the work and here I am doing work for a salary that actually supports me and my family… I cannot overstate my fortune.. 7 months ago I was very tight on money, I finally got my tax return after another 6 months of waiting for that. The perfect storm concluded with me losing my job of 3 years at Minuteman Press while they closed down shop, but miraculously landing two promising job interviews thanks to good people. One of the was the golden ticket, and here I am 7 months later with a full-time job and a degree of peace in an otherwise chaotic time in the world.

I’m super thankful for the opportunities that have presented themselves. I’m also super thankful for the difficult but necessary change the world is experiencing. Never again will our world be blindsided by racism, ignorance, or viral infections. We’ve simply got to be smarter about it, and I won’t ever be afraid to raise my voice about things worth believing in and people who deserve equality.