I’ve done what I traditionally do, I’ve gotten lost in the day-to-day.

I’ve reached a point where my motivation and my skills are at a blending point. This is usually when I pay attention to this website. Also, I’ve been alerted by payment requests to continue this domain. I will obviously continue this but I just thought it would be a good idea to check in.

I’m still incredibly passionate about the visuals, in fact I work nearly 9 hours a day on advancing my skills as a graphic designer working in the print and publishing industry. My skill level is improving on a daily basis and my communication and abstract problem solving skills continue to pave the way to a successful career. I’m not making quite as much as I likely should, but I’m considering the trade off at this point. Standing in a place where I can continue to be the professional graphic designer working with corporations and individuals to produce the ideas that exists in someone else’s mind; that just means I’m doing what my goal has been. I could have potentially grabbed a job doing cookie-cutter design anywhere. I chose to hit the front lines.

My job is quite literally the trenches. I intercept the incoming bullets and react accordingly. I plan out the proper method of attack (my boss helps, without a doubt), and I execute my method of production. I move sporadically between design, production, finishing, and packaging at all hours of the work day. I am it. I do the whole damn thing.

Its interesting being the guy who has to manage the “how.” I have to make sure every project gets completed and ensure that it is done correctly. It hasn’t been this way for very long though, my co-worker left recently which has left me with bigger shoes to fill. I do miss the company and assistance of Susan, but I welcome the opportunity to manage the workload on my own. Things will not slow down, especially if I keep doing a good job.

I suppose the point in making this post is to remind myself, and the random viewer of this secluded website, that I’m doing my hardest to advance my career and provide for my family. Which means that I stand at the front lines, in the trenches, focusing on my skills and thinking of my future.

Great things are in the works, Visually speaking.