1 month after

I graduated from Virginia Western a month ago today with an Associates of Applied Science in Communication Design. I worked harder than I’ve ever worked in my life along with working day in and out at my bartending job. All while raising my little son Owen. I proved to myself that I can navigate the chaos to make something better for myself. Now it seems I have only one thing to do. Move forward.

I’m not the same person I was before. I have a different drive now. And while I’m exhausted and sleep deprived from trying to scrape this website into something usable, I’m ready to get to real work. I updated my portfolio on this website to include all of the work I did during the semester. It’s not exactly the most perfect website but I’ll work on it as I go.

The ball is in my court now, its time to see what kind of job I can get. I’m thinking I would enjoy some agency work. I need to train myself to be significantly more productive. I know that when I’m in a productive setting I’m very competitively efficient. Time to make that who I am all the time. Especially if I want to work from home. My business is officially open too. I’m ready to start making some amazing things.